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ggatec - "GEOM Gate network client and control utility"


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ggatec create [-n] [-v] [-o ro | wo | rw] [-p port] [-q queue_size] [-R rcvbuf] [-S sndbuf] [-s sectorsize] [-t timeout] [-u unit] host path ggatec rescue [-n] [-v] [-o ro | wo | rw] [-p port] [-R rcvbuf] [-S sndbuf] -u unit host path ggatec destroy [-f] -u unit ggatec list [-v] [-u unit]


The ggatec utility is a network client for GEOM Gate class. It is responsible for creation of ggate devices and forwarding I/O requests between geom_gate.ko kernel module and ggated(8) network daemon. Available commands:
create Connect to given ggated(8) daemon and create a ggate provider related to the given remote file or device.
rescue If ggatec process died/has been killed, you can save situation with this command, which creates new connection to the ggated(8) daemon and will handle pending and future requests.
destroy Destroy the given ggate provider.
list List ggate providers.

Available options:

-f Forcibly destroy ggate provider (cancels all pending requests).
-n Do not use TCP_NODELAY option on TCP sockets.
-o ro | wo | rw Specify permission to use when opening the file or device: read-only (ro), write-only (wo), or read-write (rw). Default is rw.
-p port Port to connect to on the remote host. Default is 3080.
-q queue_size Number of pending I/O requests that can be queued before they will start to be canceled. Default is 1024.
-R rcvbuf Size of receive buffer to use. Default is 131072 (128kB).
-S sndbuf Size of send buffer to use. Default is 131072 (128kB).
-s sectorsize Sector size for ggate provider. If not specified, it is taken from device, or set to 512 bytes for files.
-t timeout Number of seconds to wait before an I/O request will be canceled. 0 means no timeout. Default is 0.
-u unit Unit number to use.
-v Do not fork, run in foreground and print debug informations on standard output.
host Remote host to connect to.
path Path to a regular file or device.


Exit status is 0 on success, or 1 if the command fails. To get details about the failure, ggatec should be called with the -v option.


Made use of CD-ROM device from remote host.
server# cat /etc/gg.exports
client RO /dev/acd0
server# ggated

client# ggatec create -o ro server /dev/acd0
client# mount_cd9660 /dev/ggate0 /cdrom


geom(4), ggated(8), ggatel(8), mount_cd9660(8)


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