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io_submit - Submit asynchronous I/O blocks for processing




#include <linux/aio.h>

long io_submit (aio_context_t ctx_id, long nr, struct iocb **iocbpp);


io_submit queues nr I/O request blocks for processing in the AIO context ctx_id. iocbpp should be an array of nr AIO request blocks, which will be submitted to context ctx_id.


io_submit returns the number of iocbs submitted and 0 if nr is zero.


EINVAL The aio_context specified by ctx_id is invalid. nr is less than 0. The iocb at *iocbpp[0] is not properly initialized, or the operation specified is invalid for the file descriptor in the iocb.

EFAULT One of the data structures points to invalid data.

EBADF The file descriptor specified in the first iocb is invalid.

EAGAIN Insufficient resources are available to queue any iocbs.

ENOSYS io_submit is not implemented on this architecture.


io_submit is Linux specific and should not be used in programs that are intended to be portable.


The asynchronous I/O system calls first appeared in Linux 2.5, August 2002.


io_setup(2), io_destroy(2), io_getevents(2), io_cancel(2).



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