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krb5_ccache, krb5_cc_cursor, krb5_cc_ops, krb5_fcc_ops, krb5_mcc_ops, krb5_cc_close, krb5_cc_copy_cache, krb5_cc_default, krb5_cc_default_name, krb5_cc_destroy, krb5_cc_end_seq_get, krb5_cc_gen_new, krb5_cc_get_name, krb5_cc_get_principal, krb5_cc_get_type, krb5_cc_get_ops, krb5_cc_get_version, krb5_cc_initialize, krb5_cc_register, krb5_cc_resolve, krb5_cc_retrieve_cred, krb5_cc_remove_cred, krb5_cc_set_default_name, krb5_cc_store_cred, krb5_cc_set_flags, krb5_cc_next_cred - mange credential cache.


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Kerberos 5 Library (libkrb5, -lkrb5)


.In krb5.h

"struct krb5_ccache;"

"struct krb5_cc_cursor;"

"struct krb5_cc_ops;"

"struct krb5_cc_ops *krb5_fcc_ops;"

"struct krb5_cc_ops *krb5_mcc_ops;"

.Fo krb5_cc_close "krb5_context *context" "krb5_ccache id"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_copy_cache "krb5_context *context" "const krb5_ccache from" "krb5_ccache to"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_default "krb5_context *context" "krb5_ccache *id"
.Fc "const char *"
.Fo krb5_cc_default_name "krb5_context *context"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_destroy "krb5_context *context" "krb5_ccache id"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_end_seq_get "krb5_context *context" "const krb5_ccache id" "krb5_cc_cursor *cursor"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_gen_new "krb5_context *context" "const krb5_cc_ops *ops" "krb5_ccache *id"
.Fc "const char *"
.Fo krb5_cc_get_name "krb5_context *context" "krb5_ccache id"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_get_principal "krb5_context *context" "krb5_ccache id" "krb5_principal *principal"
.Fc "const char *"
.Fo krb5_cc_get_type "krb5_context *context" "krb5_ccache id"
.Fc "const krb5_cc_ops *"
.Fo krb5_cc_get_ops "krb5_context *context" "krb5_ccache id"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_get_version "krb5_context *context" "const krb5_ccache id"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_initialize "krb5_context *context" "krb5_ccache id" "krb5_principal primary_principal"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_register "krb5_context *context" "const krb5_cc_ops *ops" "krb5_boolean override"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_resolve "krb5_context *context" "const char *name" "krb5_ccache *id"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_retrieve_cred "krb5_context *context" "krb5_ccache id" "krb5_flags whichfields" "const krb5_creds *mcreds" "krb5_creds *creds"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_remove_cred "krb5_context *context" "krb5_ccache id" "krb5_flags which" "krb5_creds *cred"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_set_default_name "krb5_context *context" "const char *name"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_store_cred "krb5_context *context" "krb5_ccache id" "krb5_creds *creds"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_set_flags "krb5_context *context" "krb5_cc_set_flags id" "krb5_flags flags"
.Fc krb5_error_code
.Fo krb5_cc_next_cred "krb5_context *context" "const krb5_ccache id" "krb5_cc_cursor *cursor" "krb5_creds *creds"


The krb5_ccache structure holds a Kerberos credential cache.

The krb5_cc_cursor structure holds current position in a credential cache when iterating over the cache.

The krb5_cc_ops structure holds a set of operations that can me preformed on a credential cache.

There is no component inside krb5_ccache, krb5_cc_cursor nor krb5_fcc_ops that is directly referable.

The krb5_creds holds a Kerberos credential, see manpage for krb5_creds(3).

krb5_cc_default_name and krb5_cc_set_default_name gets and sets the default name for the context.

krb5_cc_default opens the default ccache in id. Return 0 or an error code.

krb5_cc_gen_new generates a new ccache of type ops in id. Return 0 or an error code.

krb5_cc_resolve finds and allocates a ccache in id from the specification in residual. If the ccache name doesn’t contain any colon (:), interpret it as a file name. Return 0 or an error code.

krb5_cc_initialize creates a new ccache in id for primary_principal. Return 0 or an error code.

krb5_cc_close stops using the ccache id and frees the related resources. Return 0 or an error code. krb5_cc_destroy removes the ccache and closes (by calling krb5_cc_close) id. Return 0 or an error code.

krb5_cc_copy_cache copys the contents of from to to.

krb5_cc_get_name returns the name of the ccache id.

krb5_cc_get_principal returns the principal of id in principal. Return 0 or an error code.

krb5_cc_get_type returns the type of the ccache id.

krb5_cc_get_ops returns the ops of the ccache id.

krb5_cc_get_version returns the version of id.

krb5_cc_register Adds a new ccache type with operations ops, overwriting any existing one if override. Return an error code or 0.

krb5_cc_remove_cred removes the credential identified by ( cred, which) from id.

krb5_cc_store_cred stores creds in the ccache id. Return 0 or an error code.

krb5_cc_set_flags sets the flags of id to flags.

krb5_cc_retrieve_cred, retrieves the credential identified by mcreds (and whichfields) from id in creds. Return 0 or an error code.

krb5_cc_next_cred retrieves the next cred pointed to by ( id, cursor) in creds, and advance cursor. Return 0 or an error code.

krb5_cc_end_seq_get Destroys the cursor cursor.


krb5(3), krb5.conf(5), kerberos(8)

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