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lwres_net_ntop - lightweight resolver IP address presentation




#include <lwres/net.h>

const char * lwres_net_ntop(int af, const void *src, char *dst, size_t size);


lwres_net_ntop() converts an IP address of protocol family af — IPv4 or IPv6 — at location src from network format to its conventional representation as a string. For IPv4 addresses, that string would be a dotted-decimal. An IPv6 address would be represented in colon notation as described in RFC1884.

The generated string is copied to dst provided size indicates it is long enough to store the ASCII representation of the address.


If successful, the function returns dst: a pointer to a string containing the presentation format of the address. lwres_net_ntop() returns NULL and sets the global variable errno to EAFNOSUPPORT if the protocol family given in af is not supported.


inet_ntop(3), errno(3).

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